Sample Delivery Instructions to Benchmark Laboratory in Houston

Sample Delivery Instructions

Sending your samples to Benchmark Lab is straightforward. Follow the guidelines below to ensure your samples are received promptly and in good condition, whether you are sending them from within Houston or from other locations.

Send Samples from Houston

If you are located in Houston, you can deliver your samples directly to our laboratory or use local courier services. Here are the steps to follow:

1.  Preparation: Ensure your samples are properly contained in leak-proof containers. Label each sample clearly with your name, contact information, and any relevant sample identifiers.

2. Documentation: Include a paper that include complete information of samples and required testing.

3. Drop-off: Samples can be dropped off at our laboratory during business hours. We are located at:

Benchmark Laboratory, 2501 Central Parkway Suite C13, Houston, TX 77092, United States

Courier Service: If you prefer, you can send samples via a local courier service such as FedEx or UPS. Please contact us for the pre-printed label. Ensure that the courier follows the proper protocol for handling sensitive materials

Send Samples from Outside of Houston

For our clients outside Houston, please follow these instructions to ensure your samples are shipped correctly and arrive in good condition:

Label Request: Contact us at [832 925 7907] or [[email protected]] to request a shipping label for your samples.

Packaging: Use industry-standard shipping containers for your samples. Each container should be sealed securely and insulated, if necessary, to maintain the integrity of the samples during transit.

Labeling: Attach the provided label to your package, clearly showing the destination address:

Benchmark Lab
[2501 Central Parkway Suite C13, Houston, TX 77092, United States],
Houston, TX

Drop-off: Drop your labeled package at the nearest UPS store or any other preferred courier location.

Shipping Confirmation: Once your package is shipped, please provide us with the tracking number by emailing [[email protected]].

Customs and Regulations: For international clients, ensure that all customs forms are filled out accurately to prevent delays. Include all necessary documentation to comply with both export and import regulations.