ICP OES Optical Emission Spectrometry Composition Testing Lab at Benchmark Laboratory for Wichita Falls

ICP-OES Analysis: Benchmark Laboratory's Services for Wichita Falls


Wichita Falls, known for its significant manufacturing and agricultural contributions to Texas, requires stringent water analysis to support its various industries and ensure environmental compliance. At Benchmark Laboratory, located in Houston, we offer specialized ICP-OES (Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry) and IC (Ion Chromatography) services tailored to meet the exacting needs of Wichita Falls’ businesses and agricultural operations. Our advanced analytical techniques provide the accuracy and reliability essential for sustaining local industry standards and promoting environmental stewardship.
ICP-OES Analysis: Benchmark Laboratory's Services for Wichita Falls

Service Detail:

Understanding the pivotal role of precise water analysis in Wichita Falls, Benchmark Laboratory is dedicated to providing top-tier analytical services that align with the city's economic and environmental goals. Our lab ensures that all testing processes are conducted with the utmost rigor and precision, benefiting a wide range of local industries.

ICP-OES and IC Testing Capabilities:

•Metals and Minerals Analysis: Utilizing ICP-OES, our laboratory can detect and quantify trace elements and metals in water, which is crucial for Wichita Falls' manufacturing plants and metallurgical processes.

•Comprehensive Water Analysis: Through IC, we measure various ionic compounds and water quality parameters, critical for the agricultural sector and municipal water supplies in Wichita Falls.

Industries Benefiting from Our Services:

•Manufacturing: Wichita Falls’ manufacturers rely on our accurate water testing to prevent corrosion and scale in machinery, ensuring operational efficiency and product quality.

•Agriculture: We provide detailed analysis of irrigation and livestock water, helping Wichita Falls' farmers optimize water use and maintain soil and crop health.

•Environmental and Municipal Monitoring: Our services support Wichita Falls in monitoring and managing the quality of its water resources, aiding in conservation efforts and compliance with environmental regulations.

Easy Sample Submission from Wichita Falls:

To make our analytical services as accessible as possible to the community of Wichita Falls, we offer an easy-to-use sample submission process:

•How to Submit Samples from Wichita Falls: Residents and businesses can drop off their samples at any local UPS store. We provide free, prepaid shipping labels to ensure safe and quick delivery to our laboratory in Houston.


For Wichita Falls, a city with a rich industrial and agricultural heritage, maintaining the integrity of water resources is vital. Benchmark Laboratory’s ICP Analysis Lab is committed to supporting Wichita Falls’ continued prosperity and environmental health with expert water analysis services. Our comprehensive approach helps ensure that all sectors in Wichita Falls can operate efficiently and sustainably.

Frequently Asked Questions

Precise water analysis helps Wichita Falls’ agricultural producers ensure water quality for irrigation and livestock, critical for maximizing yield and maintaining animal health.
Our laboratory employs advanced analytical techniques, calibrated equipment, and continuous training for our staff to ensure the highest accuracy and reliability in water analysis for Wichita Falls industries.
Yes, we offer customized water analysis plans tailored to the specific needs of different sectors in Wichita Falls, ensuring relevant and actionable results.
Typically, our turnaround times are swift, allowing Wichita Falls clients to receive their detailed analysis reports within a few business days. Expedited services are also available for urgent needs.